Global Media

If I knew that I were to risk the chances of imprisonment or torture, for speaking out and criticizing my government for something I believe is wrong I would do so. If it were putting my life and other lives at risk of something horrible happening or an action that would bring our world to an end, then I would speak out against them. Whether they are the government or not, anyone should be allowed to say what is going on and what should be done, because they are risking our lives as well.


Media Ethics

When a media outlet makes a mistake they should always apologize to the public for what they did because it was false information that was let out. I believe that they can apologize but apologizing could also cause more problems because of situations that they have put the public in. For example, a media outlet put out false information that Kim Kardashian staged an elaborated armed robbery and committed an insurance fraud of Paris Hilton. Though, the media outlet did not apologize to Kim until after she filed a lawsuit against them. This caused drama between Kim and Paris, two girls who were very close friends.

Public Relations

In the early 1900s, Ivy Lee, one of the two founders of modern public relations, quoted that PR professionals needs to deal with public’s “openly and honestly.” However, I do not believe that professional modern public relations live up to this ideal of being open and honest fully. I believe that public relations are about 90%-95% open and honest they must lie about little details to get what they need or to be successful. In some cases both ends of the organizations turn out to do okay, but in other cases the relationships fail between organizations.


Advertisements are everywhere you look from clothing brands, to car models, to billboard signs. It almost hard to get away from any kind of advertisements. However, every advertisement targets a different groups. The different types of groups can be by age, sex, ethnicity, size, etc. I would say sports wear and brand clothing companies like North Face, and Nike try to target teens and young adults because they are the fresh look of the generations. A way to tell that they are targeting them is by having people around the same age to model the clothing and sponsoring places that these young adults and teens attend. Advertisement is not a huge issue to me, unless it is something that is even see too much will make me avoid it as much as possible.

Media Journal Observations

The three part media journal has been a great learning experience for me. It was a great way for me to see how much time one can put into their media and completely ignore what goes on around them. The first part wasn’t so bad as I only interviewed my mum. The second part of the task took so much time because I had to write down the time, day, use of media that I was consuming everyday for three weeks. However the third part of the task was definitely the most difficult task to complete because I couldn’t use any kind of media for a whole day. It was difficult but something I have learned from and will change in the future for the sake of myself and those who I surround.

I rate myself to be an 8 because media does take over me, but not completely. I am able to be away from media but not for long. I would recommend this task to anyone who believe they can take on this challenge because it is not as easy as it sounds.

Life Without Media

Life without media to the majority of the people that live in this world today, would be lost. Especially to the young adults and younger generations who grew up with media would not survive a day without their technology devices. There was a time in life when people did not depend on media to get information because media did not exist. People would have to travel far or near to communicate and exchange information about anything. Present day, people can lay in bed and with a push of a button they can communicate and exchange information with not only one but to millions of people. Living without media for a whole day sounds like an easy thing to do but also a struggle with the constant want and need to check ones social media. One will not understand how much media they consume unless they put themselves to the test by not using media for a whole day.

Trying to not consume media for a whole day sound difficult because I have always been attached to my phone since I first had owned one. On a daily basis I check Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, and my messages about a thousand times a day, if not more to see what other people are doing or just to be busy. On Tuesday, November 22, 2016, I began my 24 hour “Life Without Media” challenge. Before going into this class challenge I thought to myself, that this would be an easy task to take, until that day came. Just within the first few hours I was awake, I drove myself crazy because I was in need of my phone and felt like I was going to die if I didn’t check at least the time of day. I tried forcing myself back to sleep but failed. I almost turned the television on and tried looking for my computer, but then realized that those are media related. I tried doing a small little workout but failed because I don’t like working-out in general. Then I took a shower; at this point I was willing to do anything to try and avoid media. Though, around noon I decided to go to the gym to play volleyball for a couple hours and then hung around the gym while the men basketball team were practicing, to kill time. It was difficult not having my phone beside me to check time or to see if anyone was trying to reach me. At times I would catch myself feeling my pockets or looking around for my phone forgetting that I don’t have it. What didn’t help was having others around me on their phones, computers, watching television and etc., because it drove me crazy that I couldn’t do the same. However, I was able to distract myself later that evening by learning a song on the piano. My friend Adriana had the patients to sit there for a couple hours, before dinner and the basketball game later that night, to teach me. However, when we attended the basketball game I felt some weird “pressure” for not having my phone again. I felt naked without my phone in my hand that night. I was looking around as if I did not know what to do or lost without it; I felt awkward and weird about it, but managed to get through the night.

Life without media for 24 hours has been one of the most challenging tasks I have probably ever been asked to do this semester. Not realizing how much I depended on my phone to keep me busy, to look up things, to play games on, and to communicate with other people. I treat my phone like it is my whole life and when I went a day without it I didn’t know what to do to keep me busy. It was a hard task and it taught me how much time I waste away from things outside and with the people around me because I spend it all on my phone, computer, and T.V. I have always known, but dint really realized that this has been the reason why I am so awkward and unable to say words when having face to face conversations with other people. I believe that is why many people my generation lack public speaking or conversations, because we are so quick to type something and hide behind our screens with false information than come out to use our own voice.

While spending the day away from media the one thing I did miss was not being able to speak to my boyfriend. Being in a long distance relationship we try to stay in contact through text, face time, and over the phone every single day. However, not speaking to him for a day was also nice because I didn’t have to worry about what he was doing or if he was okay. After a while I began to enjoy not being on my phone and feeling like I had to check my phone every two minutes to see if there was any new information about anything. I felt like my mind was free and not overloading with worries or the need of wanting to be on my phone. I noticed that sometimes being glued to my phone for a whole day can hurts my eyes or even my head, because the amount of time I spend glued to a screen.

What was the most difficult thing to do was not being able to communicate with people because I either was too far from them or didn’t know where they were. Instead I just had to hope that people I was expecting were going to be at the place that I would be at, at the same time that I will arrive there. Though, this did not necessarily hurt this particular person but for my boyfriend who always worries about me, says that he couldn’t stand not talking to me. The outcome of the task definitely opened my eyes on how much time I should limit myself on social media. It is sad with the little kids growing up with these bigger technology devices, because they will be glued to media and consume it much more than I have, unless they are limited to how time they spend on it as well. The value of free of media is the beauty in this world. You have all the time in world to do whatever it is one would want to do. From this experience I will definitely limit my use of media and more time away from it. It is not only good for one to do so but also healthy for one.

Television News

Philo T. Farnsworth, a 21 year old Utah boy created the greatest invention ever called Television. Inspired by great inventors like Edison and Bell themselves, Farnsworth felt the need to be better and create something bigger and better than his two heroes, in which he accomplished. Through television many people gained jobs and careers out of it. Television was an entertainment of movies, series, news, and reality shows. “Up Close and Personal” and “Good Night and Good Luck” are two movies that were about news reporters finding the story to tell and taking risks to tell the truth. Media can be a blessing or a burden to those who tune in to watch, depending on the reporter. Media is what tells the stories of what goes on in this world and what can or must be done.

“Up Close and Personal” and “Good Night and Good Luck” were about reporters trying to tell the truth of what was the latest news and one that the rest of America would be interested to know. They took risks with their career to expose the story and/or person behind the big story. In both movies the reporters struggled with something, but in the end succeeded and survived the chaos of the situation. In “Up Close and Personal”, the reporter named Tally, struggled with finding who she is and becoming the best in the news industry. She had to overcome many obstacle courses like; old news reporters, how to tell a story and to sell it. In “Good Night and Good Luck” the news reporter Murrow, struggled to expose what Senator McCarthy was doing to those he believed were communist. In both movies the reporters were both aired live on their news channel, in which they both had to get their story straight before they were on.

Though both movies have a few similarities, they both also have their differences that separates the two movies from having the same story line. The movie in “Up Close and Personal” begins with a young woman named Tally from up in Reno, Nevada moving to Miami, Florida to pursue her career as a news anchor. In the process of fighting anything in her way to stop her, she falls in love with her mentor and later realizes that she cannot do what she does without him. He helps her find who she is and how she will get people to listen to her and trust her. Tally is a strong woman who never quit, even if she wanted to because she understood why she was doing it and what she was doing it for.

In “Good Night and Good Morning” the movie begins with a man already a news anchor doing what he does, which is tell the latest news. The story behind this movie is simply about Murrow, the news anchor, exposing what Senator McCarthy does to people who are suspicious of being a communist spy and/or communist. McCarthy usually targets the people who say bad things about him or the government, which is why Murrow had trouble wanting to tell that story. Though, as Murrow did so, McCarthy came after him saying that Murrow was also involved in a communism related situation. Murrow corrected McCarthy and had his whole television co-workers behind him on the story and there if anything went wrong. Murrow and his team were relieved when the other senators began to investigate McCarthy later, after sending many people out of the country and thrown in jail.

Media impact many people on a daily basis, especially when there is important news coming from the news channels. People trust the news reporters and what story that they tell because they see it as news reporters are the first to receive any messages. Therefore, they must be telling the right story. It could damage people with false facts. The consequences could be bad for someone who is innocent and /or good for someone who is guilty. The news is a great way to find out what the latest news is but also could possibly be the worst, depending if the story is being told truthfully.

I recommend these two movies to anyone. They both were great movies to watch with the different ways of being a news anchor and how they both struggled in their own ways as news reporters. “Up Close and Personal” would lean more to the romantic, fierce, woman related movies; whereas “Good Night and Good Luck” was a struggle to understand but also an interesting movie to watch because of the mystery feeling it brought. Moreover, the movies were amazing because of the plot and I again would recommend it to anyone.